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I thought I could remain an elusive and shadowy figure, but you can never count on such things in the close-knit cinephile community here on Frisco Bay. If you ever wanted to know what an obsessed cinephile looks like, the photographic evidence of one, poring over the sacred tome that is the 51st San Francisco International Film Festival program guide like a scribe in a dimly-lit monastery, was recently identified by a site that will remain nameless. And I've decided that, since this cat's face is now out of the bag, I might as well put a better view up on my blogger profile.

Let the stalking begin!!
that is a good pic...not as bad as you over analyzed.
I like it better than the other one, which I'm not going to dignify with a link...
Nice pic, Brian!

You know, blog pics have come in handy for me in the past. At the Toronto fest, in a sea of faces waiting in queues, I was able to recognize and meet up with both Jim Emerson and Kevin Lee, thanks to pictures they posted on their blogs.
Good point, girish. Maybe I'll have to do some film festival traveling in order to fully capitalize on that particular benefit. Unless you think some out-of-town bloggers might want to visit Frisco for a festival soon... (that's a hint, incidentally.)
To confirm what Girish is saying, and as I've already mentioned to you, Brian, if it weren't for the foursome-waiting-in-the-Toronto-subway photo sent to me, I wouldn't have gone right up to Doug Cummings and misidentified him as Darren Hughes.
Brian & Maya, one of these years I fully hope to get my act together and make it to SFIFF. Have a wonderful festival.
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