Friday, December 15


Eight hours in a purple chair

Time to mark your calendar, buy your advance tickets, re-up your membership.

Target date: February 17, 2007.

It's Sátántangó.

At the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley.

Béla Tarr. According to David Bordwell, four hundred and thirty-four minutes of him. In one hundred and seventy-two shots.

Two intermissions.

In black and white.

See you there?

ohmigod! i. love. him!
I'll be there!!
Too much math for me...
This is interesting. Having seen it before and loving it, Im not sure I would see it again, yet I might not be able to pass it up. Maybe se should have a satantago party!
I'm planning on it too.
I just saw it in Seattle the first weekend of December but I may just have to take it in again. I'm working on an essay/critique for The House... it's pretty amazing: wholly worth the whole-day investment. DVD doesn't cut it, you gotta sit through the whole thing.

(Hopefully I'll be an enrolled student by that time, too.)
Sounds like it'll be a good crowd already!

Scott, I like your idea of a Satantango party. Anyone know some good tango dancers and/or Satanists?
As a matter of fact.....
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