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Rumor Mill

A little bird told me the names of the directors with films in the 2005 Mill Valley Film Festival, happening October 6-16.

This information and lots more will probably be available on the festival website by the time you read this blog entry. But its always fun to feel like you've got a scoop, so I might as well run with it.

First, the filmmaker's name. Then, the name of the film I'm guessing the festival is bringing:

Stephen Frears: Mrs. Henderson Presents
Zola Maseko: Drum
Niki Caro: North Country
Noah Baumbach: The Squid and the Whale
Ryuchi Hiroki: L'Amant
Rob Nilsson: Need
Silvije Petranovic: the Society of Jesus
Gidi Dar: Ushpizin
Lisa Gay Hamilton: Beah: a Black Woman Speaks
Ryu Jang-Ha: Springtime
David Siegel and Scott MacGehee: Bee Season
Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro: Delicatessen, perhaps?
Dave Fleischer: anyone's guess.
Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger: who knows? Can we hope for a multi-film retrospective?

There's lots more, but I'm tired of typing.

One last unrelated thing: I bet you didn't know that the uniquely gorgeous and groundbreaking 1974 documentary-esque biopic Edvard Munch, by Peter Watkins, is playing at the Oaks Theatre on Solano Avenue in North Berkeley for two more nights. Starting Friday it's replaced with Jia Zhang-Ke's The World, which has been my most-anticipated new film since I missed its screenings at the SFIFF this spring. Though I'm more likely to see it at my friendly neighborhood Balboa where it's also opening.

Well, they officially announced, and most of my guesses were correct, the exception being the Ryuichi Hiroki film; instead of L'Amant, which has already played at the Seattle and Philadelphia Film Festivals, Mill Valley is bringing Girlfriend, Someone Please Stop the World, which is a US Premiere.

It looks like Delicatessen is being shown as part of a tribute to Jean-Pierre Jeunet tribute that will also include a screening of Amelie.

And the Powell/Pressburger retrospective I was hoping for is indeed coming to the Rafael Film Center, with the two MVFF screenings the Red Shoes (which I've still never seen!) and I Know Where I'm Going! (my favorite Powell/Pressburger so far) as teasers.

The Dave Fleischer film is a Sunday matinee of Hoppity Goes to Town, one of the two features made by the Fleischer studios to try to compete with Disney (and the one I haven't seen yet).
Actually, Girlfriend, Someone Please Stop the World is a World Premiere.
Great movie title, that.
Reminds me of another cool one, Naruse's Wife, Be Like A Rose.
Which in turn reminds me of his Flunky, Word Hard! (my favorite of the very few Naruse films I've seen so far)

How was Toronto? See any of these MVFF films?
Heh, never heard of that one...
TIFF was good but I'm wiped.
The Baumbach film was there and got good reviews, I'm looking forward to its release.
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