Sunday, July 17


Back from the wilderness; new Red Vic schedule

I just got back from a trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains, far away from Frisco and its movie houses. So I haven't seen any more films since the Silent Film Festival, except for the Tai Seng DVD of Hong Sang-Soo's the Power of Kangwon Province, which I popped in just before the trip. Excellent 1998 effort from the director of the Day the Pig Fell Into a Well and Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, and perhaps a fitting one just before a vacation in the wilderness.

Just thought I'd take a peek at the new Red Vic calendar: it seems like maybe more second-run selections than they've been programming of late, but that's okay; I still haven't gotten around to seeing stuff like Palindromes (July 20-21), Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Aug 9-11), Layer Cake (Aug. 19-20), and Part Two of The Best of Youth (Sept. 18-19; Part One plays Sept. 11-12). And there's stuff I'd recommend (and might even see again) like Sin City (July 28-30), Ong Bak: the Thai Warrior (Aug. 7-8), and the subtitled version of Howl's Moving Castle (Sept. 6-8). There are also premieres including Funny Ha Ha (Aug. 12-18), 24 hours on craigslist (Sept. 23-29), and Zombie Honeymoon (Oct. 20-26). All this seems to be at the expense of the revivals that usually pepper the schedule more liberally, but they did make room for The Warriors (Aug. 26-27), Brazil (Sept. 9-10) and Spirited Away (Sept. 13-14). And this might be my chance to finally watch Barbarella (Aug. 24-25) if I don't catch its midnight screening at the Bridge Theatre July 30 first. Which brings me to the most exciting part of the Red Vic calendar: three nights of Midnights For Maniacs selections from Jesse Ficks, who I've missed as part of the Four Star team for too long now. It's good to see him bringing midnight screenings to the Red Vic. Only three selections so far, but they're doozies: August 20th brings The Wiz, which of all the Sidney Lumet films I've never gotten around to seeing is probably the one that most piques my interest. August 27th is Garbage Pail Kids: the Movie which Jesse brought to a sold-out Four Star for one of the most riotous Midnight screenings I've ever been to. September 3rd is The Legend of Billy Jean, which is Christian Slater's first movie and sounds like a typically outrageous Jesse selection. I'd frankly never heard of it, which only gets me more excited.

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