Monday, June 20


Pacific Film Archive calendar for July-August

I went down to try to see Porco Rosso and Only Yesterday at the Pacific Film Archive, but both shows were sold out by the time I got there. I was consoled to see the new program calendar for July and August, the first calendar of the post-Edith Kramer era. Looks good so far.

Highlights include:

A Pre-Code Hollywood series beginning with a knockout Lubitsch double-bill on July 2, and including screenings of Freaks, Blonde Venus, and a whole slew of films I've never seen, directed by the likes of Raoul Walsh, William Wellman, George Cukor, etc.

A set of Harold Lloyd films, mostly shown with music tracks on the print, as the screenings at the Castro in August will be. A fortunate exception: the Frisco-set Welcome Danger on July 31 with Jon Mirsalis on piano.

French Cinema Under the Occupation. A travelling series of films selected by Bertrand Tavernier makes its local stop in mid-August. Children of Paradise will be screened twice, along with three double-bills of other films from the era and a screening of Tavernier's Safe Conduct.

There's a lot more too, including an an intriguing series of spy films, F For Fake, and a series called Eyeing Nature that includes films by Jim Trainor and James Benning. Oh and a Louis Malle series.

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